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Published 02. February 2013 (Original blog)

About a year ago, S.B.LattinDesign posted a really cool infographic named More Than Supplemental.

I found it about a month ago, and I really liked it! In fact, I liked it so much I wanted to make an interactive version of it, and Supplemental Interactive is the result. It isn’t quite finished yet (e.g. I want to include icons instead of abbreviations), but I believe my vision is communicated. It is available in multiple screen sizes (using RWD), but in my opinion is best utilized on wide screens.

I used a set of tools to make it: D3.js to visualize the data, jQuery to ease DOM-handling, Underscore for utility functions, Sass as CSS-preprocessor, Compass for extra mixins, Bootstrap for some good markup-handling, and Buster.JS to test the JavaScript. All of the code is available at GitHub.

Hope you like it! ^_^

A new beginning

Published 01. November 2012 (Original blog)

This is the first blog post that’s part of my new domain, Here I’ll continue the writing I did on web technologies, such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. I also hope to write about Semantic Web (SW), but as I’m now finished with my master thesis, and my work doesn’t include any SW-related technologies, there may not be that much.

Yeah, that’s an update for ya; I’ve completed my master degree. My master thesis, A JavaScript API for accessing Semantic Web (pdf), mounted into about 100 pages, and I was awarded with a M.Sc.. Not to bad, if I may say so myself.