I’m going keto

Published 2016-02-07

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked if I wanted to join him doing keto (that is, the ketogenic diet). I’ve heard talks of it before, but hadn’t really considered it as something for me. But at that moment, I was intrigued by the idea of trying it out. And so, the past weeks, I’ve been preparing for it.

Ramblings of a disturbed mind

Published 2016-01-13

I’ve been thinking about a story for a while. The inspiration was a panel discussion on games named Digitale liv - nye ord om spill (Norwegian, means something like Digital lifes - new words on games) that were arranged December 2nd by Fritt Ord. About a month later, I finally got it out of my head, and I’ve published it at Medium.

It’s a fictional short story named Ramblings of a disturbed mind, and it takes about 21 minutes to read. I hope you enjoy it ^_^

Hello world!

Published 2015-12-27

This is the first entry in my attempt at revitalizing icanhasweb.net. I’ve spent some time this christmas holiday to refurnish the website, rewriting the code, merging two blogs into one, and changing the design a bit.

Weird bug in AngularJS $http?

Published 2013-08-28 (Original blog)

At work we’ve been working with AngularJS for a few months, and we are very pleased with its flexibility and solutions to many familiar problems when working with large amount of JavaScript code. There have been problems and bugs, but none we couldn’t solve in due time.

But my latest task have left me somewhat puzzled, and I write this post in the hope that somebody out there know what it was about, and also because I just ain’t able to summarize it into a proper question on a forum or what-have-you. So here goes.