Solid Data Browser

Solid data browser is the default web application that allows you to interact with your Solid pod through your web browser.



Introduction to webpack

Introduction to webpack was a presentation I held for the developer team at Questback. The purpose was to showcase the need for this system, to highlight how the old system worked, and how webpack could help us transition to a better, more maintainable codebase.

Presented: 19. November 2015,Presentation,Repository

Blog posts

Some updates to I Can Has Web

Published 26. December 2019

I’ve been vacationing at my parents home in Risør, and finally found some time to update this webpage. As part of my work on the Solid project at inrupt I’ve become more aware of privacy issues, amongst them the unnecessary exposure to tracking by services that I used (Google Analytics, Google Fonts, and Disqus). (There are more good reasons to drop Disqus, as listed at Indieweb.)

Upon starting to do this, I also realized I needed to upgrade my dependencies, and clean up some of the tools. (Ain’t it typical…) But all in all it took me a couple of hours, and now it should all work nicely. If you find any issues, please let me know.