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Published 09. November 2011 (Original blog)

As part of my master thesis I was advised by my supervisors to write a disposition. It can be read here. I’m grateful for all comments ^\_^

Final update to essay

Published 25. July 2011 (Original blog)

Last week I finished writing on an essay that is part of my master thesis. I was thinking about posting about it this weekend, but, well, with all that’ve happened, that got downgraded. But I feel it’s time to move on with life now.

This is the abstract of the essay.

In this essay I’ve described Semantic Web (SW) and some of the standards encapsulated. Based on this I’ve created a list of functionalities required of a Javascript (JS)-library working toward SW. Then I present existing JS-libraries working with these standards, and discuss how they fill certain needs in the world of SW and JS.

I’ve concluded that the JS-library rdfQuery is the most evolved library as of today.

You can read the rest of the essay here.