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Published 16. January 2011 (Original blog)

I’ve written about my master thesis in the previous post, and I’ve been thinking a lot of how to acquire the required skill-set to understand the topic in a good manner. I’ve undergone courses at IFI 3 years  now, so I do have some theoretical understanding of themes that are often taught in computer studies, such as algorithms, data structures, computer architecture, and discrete mathematics amongst others. I believe that undertaking the courses INF3580, INF5120 and INF5100 (as well as special curriculum) will give me another layer of theoretical foundation that is required for this thesis.

But there is a field that the University of Oslo have no teaching to offer, and that is JavaScript (hereby shortened JS). To handle this, I must teach myself what is needed to know. I do already have some experience with JS, through work and a personal interest in the field that have stayed with me for quite some time. But I feel that the level of insight the thesis requires me to gain better knowledge of the matter, and have decided to develop a JS-based application.

Master's Thesis – preliminary work

Published 27. December 2010 (Original blog)

Almost a whole month since my last post, not good… This doesn’t proclaim a promising start for this blog. But I hope you’ll excuse me, it’s been a crazy month in terms of exams, christmas dinners, working, voluntarily work, etc etc etc. I won’t bore you with the details.

But I will bore you with my newest undertaking: my Master’s Thesis! ^\_^ In short: It’s derived from Tim Berners-Lee asking on IRC:

Who would be interested in working on a standard very cool jqery-like RDF API for Javascript?

Typo aside, Kjetil Kjernsmo made note of this, and presented it as a possible theme for a master’s thesis. I jumped right on it, being quite interested in Tim Berners-Lee, jQuery, development of APIs and JavaScript. I didn’t really know what RDF was, but the other keywords intrigued me to learn about it. And hey, it’s part of making data open (enriching the quality of the data served and connecting them across domains), another interest of mine. So I think this can be quite interesting!

I will be using this blog to promote thoughts and key ideas/findings that I’ll stumble upon in my work. A wiki has been set up for me (as the first student ever on my university requesting it for the usage in a master’s thesis ^\_^), and I’ll use that as primary resource for connecting thoughts/ideas/findings. I’ve written about my preliminary work for those interested in the details.

I won’t be writing anything more before the vacation is at its end. Merry Christmas to you all (although a bit delayed), and a Happy New Year!