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Hello World!

Published 24. October 2010 (Original blog)

So it has started, my new blog. I’m not a productive writer per ce, but I hope to gain some momentum to my motivation with this blog.

I will blog about design for the web, with focus on front end, such as HTMLJavaScript and CSS. But I think I’ll also write about the layers below, since I’m currently a student at IFIUiO. During my years as a student and part-time system developer, in addition to my general interest in aspects that drive production and consumtion on the Internet, I’ve written in languages such as PHP (my first love), JavaCAssembly (never again!), C# and Python (my lastest endeavor).

I will base my writing on my experiences as a student, a system developer at SPS (whose pages are being ported atm), and as an eager participant in CYB. In addition, I’m a big fan of the work presented at A List ApartadactioSignal vs. and HTML5Rocks Tutorials, so I’ll probably gain influence through their words. For the norwegian readers out there, I also enjoy reading the words of NRK BetaLogica UX and Kjøkkenfesten.