hdo-quiz is a small mobile app that explores the possibility of having a quiz-app that draws political promises from the APIs of Holder de ord and prompts the user to guess which party made the promise by swiping the promise to a given by party to the left or to the right of the screen (i.e. Tinder-like interface).

Ionic is the main framework used to build the app, and webpack is used to structure and bundle the code.

I’ve been developing the code alone for now, but may include more members of the Holder de ord-team if we decide to explore the app further.



hdo-budget was an experiment conducted by Holder de ord to explore how to present a state budget using the capabilities of a web app in a manner that was easy-to-understand and meaningful in terms of gaining insight.

We utilized AngularJS as the main engine behind the site.

I was the main developer on the code, but had a lot of help from the Holder de ord-team to find, structure and clean the numbers.

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Holder de ord

Holder de ord is an organization that functions as a parliamentary monitoring website. By analyzing the promises made by the Norwegian political parties and their votes during the following years, they try to see how these two data sets matches, and whether or not the politicians keep their word.

I’ve been working on Holder de ord off and on, and not so much on their primary website.

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