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24 ways – a christmas calender for us web developers

Published 01. December 2010 (Original blog)

I don’t feel this to be a good excuse for me not writing anything in two weeks (failing my attempt to write once a week), but a lot is going on now in terms of exams, finding a theme and supervisors for my master thesis, as well as christmas dinners and general assemblies (I’m either working in a student organization, or interested in quite a number of others)… I hope you can excuse me for another couple of weeks (I might post my thoughts on a master thesis during that time, hoping to gather some respond from the community I believe I’ll work toward, but I can’t promise anything yet).

With this post I wanted to direct your attention toward 24 ways, an annual christmas calendar that posts interesting texts and tutorials of interest to developers in all webby. First out is Drew McLellan with his writing on Finding Your Way with Static Maps, covering the need for progressive enhancement when embedding from Google Maps. Enjoy! ^\_^