ebookr was intended to be a framework for creating e-books in various formats (PDF, HTML, EPUB, and MOBI). The idea was to have the content coded into one given format (markdown) and generate various documents based on that. It used Pandoc extensively, but had ambitions to bridge the gaps between LaTeX and the other formats by supplying adapters for various LaTeX packages.

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to pursue this project any further. It may be revitalized at a later time.


Cybernetisk Selskab sanghefte

Cybernetisk Selskabs sanghefte is a song booklet I usually update once a year, some time before Ifi-galla, a student gala at Department of Informatics. It’s written in LaTeX and utilizes the Songs LaTeX package.



Resume is the codebase I use to generate my personal CV. It’s built upon a template I found, and is usually updated around the times I’m looking around at possible job offers.

I also constructed a competence chart where I constructed a lot of customs command to output tables like the ones that can be seen in my online CV.