hdo-budget was an experiment conducted by Holder de ord to explore how to present a state budget using the capabilities of a web app in a manner that was easy-to-understand and meaningful in terms of gaining insight.

We utilized AngularJS as the main engine behind the site.

I was the main developer on the code, but had a lot of help from the Holder de ord-team to find, structure and clean the numbers.

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Building a web app with ES6

“Building a web app with ES6” is a presentation constructed as a part of a workshop at Åpen sone for eksperimentell informatikk. The goal was to introduce the participants to ES6 using JSPM, AngularJS and React. The goal was a bit ambitious, to say the least…

The presentation is using a web app, and throughout the presentation you’re building the presentation itself. I still like the idea, but the participants need to have a bit of knowledge on JavaScript.

Presented: 21. April 2015,Presentation,Repository

Blog posts

Weird bug in AngularJS $http?

Published 28. August 2013 (Original blog)

At work we’ve been working with AngularJS for a few months, and we are very pleased with its flexibility and solutions to many familiar problems when working with large amount of JavaScript code. There have been problems and bugs, but none we couldn’t solve in due time.

But my latest task have left me somewhat puzzled, and I write this post in the hope that somebody out there know what it was about, and also because I just ain’t able to summarize it into a proper question on a forum or what-have-you. So here goes.